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2020 Reassessment Project


Update from the Assessor

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you about a few things that are happening now.  Tax bills have been mailed.   If you do not receive your

school tax bills in the next few days PLEASE contact the Lancaster Tax Office at 683-1328. 

New York State has mailed out the Property Tax Relief checks.  This program is NOT the STAR program.  These checks are based on the following: 

1.      The school district HAS to have stayed below the 2% cap

2.      The property owner has to be eligible for the STAR exemption

3.      The amount of the check is based on income

So, not everyone will receive the same amount.  If you have any questions, you must contact NYS at 518-453-8146 or view the detailed information

at   The Town of Lancaster Assessor, Town Clerk or Tax Collector are unable to help.

The STAR program has undergone more changes.  This past year, NYS has decreased the income limit for Basic STAR from $500,000 to $250,000,

has offered the possibility of registering for the check program instead of receiving an exemption, required Enhanced STAR recipients to register

in the automatic Income Verification Program where the state verifies the income eligibility, and has offered the possibility of applying for the

exemption AFTER the March 1st deadline for Good Cause. 

If you are in the new STAR check program, you may be receiving your checks before October 15, 2019 (depending on when you registered). 

Unfortunately, if you have any questions or concerns, you MUST contact NYS at 518-457-2036.  We do not have any information or access to

information regarding these properties.    

Because there are now so many different situations, Please do NOT listen to or believe friends and neighbors regarding this issue. 

If you have a question, contact the Lancaster Assessor Office at 683-1311.  We will advise you according to your specific situation.

We have mailed out the Senior Aged Renewal forms and new Enhanced Exemption applications.

ALL exemption applications and renewals are due by March 1, 2020.  You will need to provide ALL income documents for 2018. 

The IRS changed the 1040 forms for 2018.  As a result, we ask that you bring in your Federal AND State Income forms to include ALL 1099s. 

If you ONLY received the Enhanced Exemption last year and completed the automatic Income Verification Program application –


New York State, Erie County and the Town of Lancaster will NOT call any property owner asking for personal information over the phone. 

There have been some reported cases of people (mostly seniors) receiving phone calls stating they are in jeopardy of losing

their exemptions unless they provide their social security number, income, driver’s license numbers, etc.  DO NOT GIVE

THIS INFORMATION OVER THE PHONE!   If we have any questions, we may call, but will ask you to bring in or send the information to our office.

If you are unsure, err on the side of caution and call our office at 683-1311 to confirm.


The data collection process and updating has been completed.  Thank you to all residents who took the time to respond to the postcards that were mailed to each residential property owner.  It is NOT too late to call with any additional information on your property that you think may affect the value.  In the next few months, staff will be conducting the road work / inspection portion of the project.  The "inspections" will be conducted from the road and all cars will have identifying magnets (Town of Lancaster or GAR Services).  In you have any questions regarding this process, please call the Assessor's Office at 683-1311.

Click Here to view the 2019 final assessment roll

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