Rebecca Baker,  Assessor

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Thank you to everyone who responded to our request for property information.

Residential Property Inventory Review

We received approximately 1,500 request for change forms / phone calls and have updated our property database with the validated information.  We appreciate the response and assisting our office in keeping the inventory up to date.  

Condominium Property Information Mailer

Each condominium property owner was mailed a request for information form.  Our vendor received approximately 300 returned surveys.  They also spoke with several condominium  owners directly.

Commercial Property Income and Expense Mailer

Commercial property owners received a request for property income and expense information.  To date we have received approximately 275 surveys. 

We continue to work diligently on preparing our assessment records for the valuation phase of the project.  This phase will begin in early 2019 and conclude with the mailing of the new assessed values in March of 2020.

Check back for more updates and if you haven't viewed the information video, please do so.  There is also a brochure available for download. 

2020 Reassessment Informational Video

2020 Reassessment Brochure Page 1

2020 Reassessment Brochure Page 2